Our publications

13. The hierarchical assembly of galaxies and black holes in the first billion years: predictions for the era of gravitational

     wave astronomy

    Pratika Dayal, Elena Rossi, Banafsheh Shiralilou, Olmo Piana, Tirthankar Roy Choudhury & Marta Volonteri, 2019,

    MNRAS, 486, 2336

12. Bubble mapping with the Square Kilometer Array - I. Detecting galaxies with Euclid, JWST, WFIRST and ELT within ionized bubbles in the intergalactic medium at z>6

      Erik Zackrisson et al., 2019, arxiv: 1905.00437 (PD; 10th of 19 authors)

11. Astro2020 Science White Paper: A proposal to exploit galaxy-21cm synergies to shed light on the Epoch of Reionization

      Anne Hutter, Pratika Dayal et. al., 2019, arxiv: 1903.03628 

10. Ruling out 3 keV warm dark matter using 21 cm-EDGES data

       Atrideb Chatterjee, Pratika Dayal, Tirthankar Roy Choudhury and Anne Hutter, 2019, arxiv: 1902.09562 (submitted to


9. The MUSE Ultra Deep Field (MUDF) - I. Discovery of a group of Lyα nebulae associated with a bright z ≈ 3.23 quasar


       Elisabetta Lusso et al., 2019, MNRAS, 485, 62 (PD; 10th author of 20)

8. Early galaxy formation and its large-scale effects

    Pratika Dayal & Andrea Ferrara, 2018, Physics Reports, 780, 1

7.. Probing the fluctuating ultraviolet background using the Hubble Frontier Fields

    Tirthankar Roy Choudhury & Pratika Dayal, 2019, MNRAS, 482, 19

6. Science with an ngVLA: [CII] 158micron Emission from z>10 Galaxies

    Chris Carilli, Eric Murphy, Andrea Ferrara & Pratika Dayal, arxiv: 1810.07536, accepted to ASP Monograph Series,

    "Science with a Next-Generation VLA", ed. E. J. Murphy

5. Survey parameters for detecting 21-cm-Ly α emitter cross-correlations with the Square Kilometre Array

    Anne Hutter, Cathryn Trott & Pratika Dayal, 2018, MNRAS, 479, 129

4. Spectroscopic Investigation of a Reionized Galaxy Overdensity at z = 7

    Marco Castellano, Laura Pentericci, Eros Vanzella, Francesca Marchi, Adraino Fontana, Pratika Dayal, Andrea Ferrara,

    Anne Hutter et al., 2018, APJ, 863, 3

3. Probing the nature of dark matter through the metal enrichment of the intergalactic medium

    Jonas Bremer, Pratika Dayal & Emma Ryan-Weber, 2018, MNRAS, 477, 2154 

2. Warm dark matter constraints from high-z direct collapse black holes using the JWST

     Pratika Dayal, Tirthankar Roy Choudhury, Fabio Pacucci & Volker Bromm, 2017, MNRAS, 472, 4414

1. Galaxies into the Dark Ages

    Chris Carilli, Eric Murphy, Andrea Ferrara & Pratika Dayal, 2017, ApJ, 848, 49